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Sunday, May 10th 2009

8:15 AM

Why Mother's Day?

This morning, in America anyway, it is Mother's Day.  That special Sunday set aside each spring in May to remember our mom, buy her flowers from a guy set up in a tent at a gas station and maybe take her out to lunch or dinner. 

Some mothers might be getting treated to a breakfast in bed and depending on the age and skill of their children, they might actually be able to eat whatever is brought to them on a tray.

Yesterday I celebrated Mother's Day a bit early.  I rounded up my two very busy grown children and headed to my mother's apartment.  Due to work schedules, locations and a huge list of other reasons, we never all get together.

The event was simple.  There were no flowers since mom doesn't have a place to plant them anymore.  There were no fancy restaurants (just pizza and subs we brought in) since mom doesn't get around as great as she use to, but you know what?  I think it might have been one of her nicest non-mother's day that she has ever had.

We all sat talking, smiling, laughing, watching my grandson and mom's GREAT grandson entertain us.  It was an easy but short visit that I honestly have no reason why we don't do more often.

After the visit my daughter, her hubby and son went to a baby store to pick up an item they were needing.  Alexander, my grandson, and I waited in the van where we sang the Alphabet Song and I just watched his lovely little face that felt like I was looking in to the big book of answers to all the questions that the universe could ever hold.

The focus left from the song singing to looking at the people coming and going from the store.  He was saying "Momma and Daddy" because he knew at any second they could come walking out the doors they had disappeared in.  He was pointing to any child under the height of their parents and saying what he always says for kids..."Baby!" 

Instead of just watching my Alexander, I started noticing all the people coming and going from this baby super store.  There were many couples who had an older woman with them, a mother to either the man or woman I suppose, and the young woman of the couple would have a belly that was either a small bump or the full out, "Did you swallow a watermelon seed?" belly.  They were all smiles both going in and coming out of the store.

Mothers-in-waiting.  The excitement of what all lies in front of them was plainly showing on their faces.  If you ever want to people watch and be filled with joy, just watch the people coming and going as they are going through the nesting process.

Eventually Alexander's momma and daddy returned to his smiles and talking.  They get little time alone together and I knew it was like a mini-date, as boring as shopping for diapers can be.  They were both smiling, they had that look on their faces that showed they were both thinking about the future.  Their son was just thinking about the moment though.  His momma and daddy had came back to him, like they always do.

Our moms should get more then just a Sunday in May.  After all, they were our very first home and no matter where our mom is, no matter how hectic we are, we should find a day at least once a month to turn in to Mother's Day.

As we drove home and they dropped me off at my apartment, then drove away, I had this incredible sense of life going on, not just for this generation, but for always.  As long as there are mom's around, there will always be life on this planet.

Thinking about my mom's parting words as I hugged her stooping shoulders and told her I love her, I smiled as I went to sleep last night.  She had been talking earlier about missing her own mother who had passed away in 1974 and how it just felt like yesterday they were sitting in the garden, husking corn, talking, laughing, just like today.  I knew that mom would be feeling down as she waved us away from her big porch that surrounds her building, lined of course with rocking chairs.  But before she did that mom whispered in my ear during the parting hug, "Thanks for this."  She didn't have to tell me what "this" was.  I knew.

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