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Wednesday, May 20th 2009

1:08 PM

Beautiful inspiration from an email

Hello world,
Losing weight, gaining weight.  Something that I'm a real expert at and could never add up all the tons I have lost over the decades, only to regain new poundage.  The plight of the person who has the predisposition to be overweight I suppose.

So the roller coaster ride of weight loss is going fairly well.  I had greater expectations in my head of just where I wanted to be by now (NORMAL!!!) and I work on not hating myself for still being fat on a daily basis.  It is tough.  It is disappointing.  But sometimes when I check my email, I find real gems and I want to pass one along to everyone who is still following my weight loss journey.

As my bicycle that was once ridden at least 20 miles a day up the entire east coast of America is sitting and collecting dust and as my knee that now swells at the drop of a hat has kept me from riding off in to the sunset and to better health, it is easy to forget everything that I did manage to accomplish.

The whole point of the website was to document the journey, which is FAR from over (since after all, like Kirstie Alley, I'm STILL FAT) and this website and blog do the most brilliant things, even when I don't know about it.  It still seems to inspire people out there.

Hopefully in the future I will be able to step up to the inspiring plate again and take you with me.  It is easy to get discouraged and to lose hope, almost a daily struggle to get on track, but with emails like this one, it is easier.

Enjoy friends and THANK YOU to the person who decided to write and is what makes the world go around!

I  was riding my bike the other day and was having a hard time going the distance I had planned on (not that far but I'm sadly out of shape) I was getting ready to turn around and head for home when I thought about you and your bike journey. I thought how hard it must have been to get up each morning and know you had to get on that bike and ride another 20,30 or however many miles you would ride that day and not just turn and head for home (or call for someone to come get you as I was tempted to do). So you could say you inspired me to go the distance.

I know it has been hard for you to keep the weight down since you had to quit the bike ride,so I'm hoping your game with the bottles of water works for you. I have followed your blog ever since I saw you in Florida (you took some pictures outside our community on your way to St Augustine and I wish I had stopped and spoken to you then but was too "polite". My Scottish reserve kept me from stopping) I just wanted you to know that you are inspiring. E

THANK YOU again so much for that email.  It is easy to forget how far I came (as I know the rest of my fellow dieters/weight-loss strugglers/healthy pals can feel) and it is good to know that the journey was not in vain!


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