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Wednesday, December 15th 2010

8:23 AM

Twisted stuff...and a great email!

Have you ever had one of those days you have been so excited about and your body seems to have just left you down for it?  I have.  It actually was my own fault, because I have been letting my body down for the last several decades, I guess it was about time it paid me back.

The day was this past Sunday.  I was up at 5 am to do a craft show in York, Pennsylvania.  The night before I loaded my daughter's van with tables, a chair, my jewelry and some Christmas items I had made and went to bed feeling fine.

When I got up with the alarm clock and stood up to go take a shower, my knees were in complete agony.  It also felt like my right ankle was sprained.  I limped along to the bathroom, holding on to the wall for support and got in the shower thinking that the hot water would help everything feel better.

During a super fast shower I started to get sick to my stomach, felt light headed and barely made it to the toilet to be sick.  I wrapped up in my robe and grabbed the trash can for emergency and made it back to bed just as Morton was waking up for his work.

Thinking back to the night before I wondered what the date was on the Greek yogurt that Morton dished out with honey on it.  It had tasted fine, but just when had I bought it?  Surely that was the cause of my sickness.

Unable to do anything about my show, the show DID go on, just without me.  I stayed in bed, falling back to sleep only to wake a few hours later with my stomach feeling fine.  There wasn't enough time to go to the show at this point, but I did climb out of bed to go to the bathroom.

As soon as my legs hit the floor and the pain shot in my ankle and both knees, I was instantly sick to my stomach again.  This time I wasn't lucky enough to make it to the bathroom and ended up in our hallway, wishing I had the phone with me, covered in towels and really unable to go anywhere.  It was very scary stuff and I fell asleep again thinking about how stupid I am for still being overweight.  Of course my joints are going to all give out, I'm carrying around myself and another person (who is very fat!) on my frame.

When I woke up again it was 10 am.  I managed to get to the bathroom, wash myself off, brush my teeth while leaning on the sink and then made it back to bed.  This sick feeling was coming from the pain in my ankle and knees, yet I knew that there was nothing I could really do about it other than take anti inflammatory pills, rest and keep the weight off my knees. 

As I was trapped in the bed I'm thinking about the night before.  I didn't lift anything heavy.  I did move a lot of stuff, was probably lifting with my legs (as we are meant to do) and the only thing I could think of, was that instead of actually wearing my MBT shoes while doing all of this, I was in my house slippers that I was having to grip my toes in to hold on to my feet, besides being flat with no support whatsoever...oh yeah, and the fact that I'm STILL overweight!

The day progressed and I didn't try to do more than go to the bathroom.  The stairs were out of the question and I knew that on Monday I was going to be needed at my daughter's to watch my grandchildren, ages 18 months and 3 years old.  Why am I still overweight???

Focusing on the moment and just trying to feel better, I rested and promised myself that as soon as the knees and ankle were better, I'd be doing good things for myself again.  Eating right, exercising more, always wearing shoes that gave me the support that I need. Check, check and check.

So here we are at Wednesday.  My knees are back to normal, though they are both cracking every time I move them.  My right ankle is still sore and the only real problem now is my left ankle is so sore because it's been carrying around my full 330 pounds of me! 

Tonight, after watching the grandchildren, I'm going to the gym to swim.  I have been watching what I have been eating since Sunday with very few regrets.  I never want to be left down by my body that way again, so I have to work very hard for it to make it happy and healthy!

Here's to anyone that feels the same way!  We can do this.


A GREAT email I just got and want to pass good things today!


Dear Friends of the Mark Twain Museum,

Will YOUR vote be the one that rolls us up to #12 today? We are sooooo close, but we need every possible vote to keep moving us up to win this $250,000 Pepsi grant to complete restoration on the Becky Thatcher House and re-open it as a children's museum in 2011.

Mark Twain said, "The thing for us to do is our Duty and not worry about whether anybody sees us or not."

Well, we can't "see" you texting in your vote or voting online, but we know you're out there doing it or else we wouldn't be climbing. Please... keep voting daily. Pepsi is giving this money to someone. With your help, it will be the Mark Twain Museum. Thank you for helping us preserve this national treasure.

Voting makes you feel GREAT, and it's FAST:

1. Text Pepsi every day in December at 73774 with this message: 104141
2. Vote online at: (Multiple votes possible if you sign in with more than one email address)
3. Forward this email. Post the link on Facebook. Get your friends at lunch today to text it in while you're waiting for your food!

There! Doesn't doing a good deed make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Thank you! We can't do it without you.


Cindy Lovell, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum

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