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Tuesday, December 21st 2010

7:03 AM

Up before the sun, following the moon.

Last night I was sitting in my living room when a friend came over.  We were talking about the food that is going to be happening the next few days with the holidays and I said that I was going to just enjoy it and worry about getting back on track after the holidays.  I then went into my usual speech (lies) about how I needed to start going to the gym, walking more and all the good stuff I have been telling myself since I was a teenager, which I might add was 30 years ago!

She listened, a good friend does that, while I rattled on about my knees, my ankles, my, me, me.  I was getting tired of saying the same old tired lines over and over, didn't really know how to shut up but finally had to take a breath.

At this point my friend said that she was trying to eat better now and when did I want to go to the gym, she would go with me.  I might add that my friend is what I would consider perfect size, not overweight and does get a lot of exercise.

Opening up my calendar I was going to make our first gym date for after the holidays, maybe even after New Years, when I had a bit of a lightning bolt moment.  What AM I waiting for?  Why can't I enjoy the holidays without eating like a pig?  Why can't I do the gym now?  What is stopping me from taking the free swim classes they offer every day?  I AM THE PROBLEM!

Knowing that I would regret this in just a few hours I told her that I could meet her at the gym at 5 am this morning.  Since I naturally wake up at 6 am, there really wouldn't be any hardship in doing this.

So at 4:30 this morning I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm.  Put on my swimming suit, put my exercise clothes on top of it and went out in the darkness to head to the gym.  My front porch was glowing with our LED lights that I had left on from the night before and it was lovely to see the countryside so still and sleeping under the massive moon that was keeping me company.

The parking lot at the gym was packed.  The people inside the gym were looking the way I want to look.  Healthy, alive and not stressing because their knees are giving out under their own weight.

Spending 20 minutes on machines before hitting the pool for thirty minutes, I then treated myself to 10 minutes in the nice hot dry sauna.  A shower and into my clothes for the day had me coming home with the moon, discovering that this, the shortest day of the year, was also one of my best.

Thank you to my friend, Linda, for giving me the best Christmas present ever...motivation!
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