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Sunday, December 26th 2010

11:22 AM

Happy Boxing Day!

When I lived in Scotland I learned lots of new just what Boxing Day was.  I would see it on our calendars here in America, but never quite got it.

It is sort of (and this isn't the definitive definition by all means!) like the day after Christmas you go around to the friends houses that you wouldn't visit on Christmas Day, because they would be with their families.  It is sort of like a second Christmas, just exchanging boxes of goodies with friends or family they didn't get to see on Christmas day.  Christmas 2.0

It is a tradition that I miss, though I only got to enjoy six years of it in the UK, but I'm thinking about starting it up over here.  The other thing that I miss even more are the people that we would get to see, friends and family, that now seem so very far away.

Morton did his bit yesterday by cooking a Scottish meal, mince & tatties, along with stovies for our holiday feast.  I had a rare afternoon nap that left me with a very sore head (I blame the sofa!) and then because we had family that weren't able to come over to eat with us, we made up food packages and delivered.  It was an odd sort of Christmas, but a good one.

Morton is now making my day by actually washing up the huge mess he made of the kitchen.  It was bad.  The stove has never looked worse and might never look the same again, but at least he is cleaning it up!  I always clean up after I cook and what is good for the goose is good for the gander, and vice versa of course!

Hope everyone had a lovely day and continues right through until the New Year!

Thought I'd share an original lovely poem by my sister Cindy...hugs!


'Twas the night before Christmas and at the Museum,
Sam Clemens flitted ‘round although no one could see him.
He puffed a cigar while inspecting the place,
A satisfied smile on his inquisitive face.
His boyhood home and the famous old fence,
Looked pretty darn good these hundred years hence.
But Becky Thatcher’s home was so empty and bare,
Was this really the home of young Laura, so fair?
Then Sam glimpsed a sign in the darkened pane,
“Vote Pepsi to save her!” the poster explained.
So Sam hopped on a raft to head down the river,
And donning his hat gave a cold Christmas shiver.
But I heard him exclaim as he floated out of sight,
“Thank you, my friends, for Pepsi voting tonight!”

If bad poetry doesn't inspire you to vote today - nothing will! Thank you, dear friends, for remembering to vote on Christmas Eve! I am so thankful for your friendship.

1. Text Pepsi at 73774 with this message: 104141
2. Vote online at: (PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SIGNED IN BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO VOTE. Go ahead... vote with all of your email addresses!)
3. If you see Santa, ask him to text in a vote!

Happy Christmas Eve!


Cindy Lovell, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum

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