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Thursday, June 9th 2011

9:29 AM


I can never believe it when I get the emails that remind me my domain name,, is about to expire.  It happens once a year at this time and I pay the $8.95, renew it and reflect on what has all happened since I registered that domain back in 2006.

My accomplishments, my defeats, my heartbreaks, my triumphs, are not just mine.  They are OURS.  Every person who takes the time to read this blog, email me, say hello when they see me out and about or just quietly read the words, are sharing this experience with me.  I could not keep choosing to RENEW without you, please know that.

THANK YOU to everyone who has ever felt any bit of motivation from this blog.  It means so much to me.  YOU, yes YOU, are amazing! 

There are so many reasons that we all have to live healthier and it is so much easier when we are doing it together.

Today I've gotten up early (late night EMERGENCY bachelorette party last night!) and was just taking care of everything else besides me.  I was going to just grab a cereal bar for breakfast as I ran out the door to my errands I want to do before the thermometer gets too high.

Instead, I'm going to take 10 minutes for me, make an incredible fresh chive & feta cheese omelet and have a glass of orange juice.  It will help me not want to stop for fast food (which I'm swearing off...forever) when I'm out.

Take time to RENEW your relationship with yourself today.  Do something amazing for yourself.  Treat yourself as good as you treat others.

Thank you for being there and thanks so much for following!
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