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Wednesday, July 6th 2011

8:31 AM

Food for thought

We want it fast, we want it fresh and we want it healthy.  If we say YES to all these things, why are we (and when I say "we" I really mean "I") eating again after we have a salad for lunch?

With the new study that came out about diet soda actually causing us to gain weight, could it be that we SHOULD be eating all the wrong stuff, just in smaller portions?

Growing up in the late sixties and seventies, I have seen portion sizes change over the years.  Bigger is thought to be better, more value for the money and then add that with the old school thinking of CLEAN YOUR PLATE, maybe that is where the obesity epidemic began.

As I write this I'm cooking up a pound of bacon.  My grandson spent the night and he loves it in the morning, with crepes.  The reason why he is as slim as slim can be is that he doesn't eat a whole pound, runs around all day and is almost 4 years old.

Now what am I planning on doing with the bacon?  I'm going to have two slices with a two-egg omelet made with feta cheese and fresh chives.  I'm also going to eat a slice of toast and have a glass of juice. 

My experiment is to eat normal food...not diet food, for the next month and see what the scale says.  I'm going to watch my portions, only snack with fruit or veggies and try VERY hard to not do my usual night binging.

What do you think?
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Posted by Valerie:

I was just reading about your breakfast with your grandson. For me in my weight loss journey I can't fight the temptations. So, with the bacon and crepes around if you can stick to only having 2 pieces with your inlet and juice I say congratualtions. You have conquered one of the hardest things in weight loss - fighting temptations! I found your blog this morning while looking for motivational quotes for my Weight Watchers meeting next weekend. I have learned SO many valuable things from WW and most of all I need the support from the meetings. The little I have seen of your website so far has inspired me to follow you through your journey and lose weight side by side with you, feed off of your beautiful positivity and drive! I wish nothing but the best for you and always remember even the small accomplishments add up! I have been working hard for 2 weeks and only lost .6 of a pound, but they all add up! Thanks again for sharing your story so openly and I will be back daily to read about your success! :)

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Saturday, July 9th 2011 @ 12:46 PM

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