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Wednesday, August 13th 2014

10:53 AM

Time FLIES!!!

I'm nervous, rusty and thrilled to be doing my Little Changes blog again.

Before I get in to all the things I've tried and failed in my weight loss journey, being optimistic, depressed or indifferent about where I am, I want to be THANKFUL that I'm still alive and kicking and able to post on this long forgotten blog!

The future is right now. I'm grabbing it and running with it. Who is with me!

Hugs - Priscilla

P.S. It feels BRILLIANT to be back!!!

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Saturday, October 8th 2011

11:56 PM

Changes are good.

There will be a major, I mean REALLY major, revamping of the website coming!

Please stay tuned, keep making your own little changes and get ready for something EXCITING!!!

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Wednesday, July 13th 2011

8:13 AM

Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU!

Hello world,

A HUGE thank you to everyone that has been emailing with such positive support and motivation!  You are all just amazing!

One of the emails had the great idea that we all do an imaginary ride together by logging our miles that we exercise as we "ride" through Scotland!  LOVE IT and doing it now!

The northern point we will start from is a northern spot called Thurso, we will go right through the middle of the country to Gretna, a Scottish border town that I really love.  It is and was famous for people eloping to it and Morton and I had toyed with the idea of doing just that, opted out for a wedding in the lovely town of Haddington in East Lothian, Scotland instead.

This route is about 360 miles and covers some of the prettiest parts of Scotland.

Last month I celebrated ten years of having my wonderful husband, Morton, in my life.  Time really has flown and we've done so many wonderful, wacky, incredible, scary, strange and fantastic things together, it's about time for another adventure!  I want to make sure I'm here for the next ten years with him by losing this weight and then NEVER letting it find me again.

So this is what I'm doing and I invite everyone out there to join me.  Starting today, right now, I'm going to move two miles EVERY day, for the next 180 days.

This is how YOU can get started.

Get a piece of paper (NOT A COMPUTER FILE!) and write down "360"
Then set your goal of how many miles you want to move a day.  It can be walking, riding your bicycle, on a machine at your gym or exercising.  One hour of exercise will equal one mile.

Next, figure out how long it will take you to reach Gretna in Scotland!  We are leaving TODAY, right now...from Thurso East is located at the mouth of the River Thurso, overlooked by the remains of Thurso castle, which I visited in the summer of 2000.

So write down what your goal is in miles each day, then GO FOR IT!  Keep writing and doing the math, getting closer to Gretna all the time.

I would love it if you would post on here what you are doing, how far you are going and help inspire others, including keep MOVING!

YAY for motivation, adventures and YOU!

P.S. My two miles a day will take me six months to complete.  Today I'm going to do two hours of exercise since it is hitting close to 100 degrees outside!  I'll do an hour now and an hour this evening.  Talk to you tomorrow to let you know how it went!

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Wednesday, July 6th 2011

8:31 AM

Food for thought

We want it fast, we want it fresh and we want it healthy.  If we say YES to all these things, why are we (and when I say "we" I really mean "I") eating again after we have a salad for lunch?

With the new study that came out about diet soda actually causing us to gain weight, could it be that we SHOULD be eating all the wrong stuff, just in smaller portions?

Growing up in the late sixties and seventies, I have seen portion sizes change over the years.  Bigger is thought to be better, more value for the money and then add that with the old school thinking of CLEAN YOUR PLATE, maybe that is where the obesity epidemic began.

As I write this I'm cooking up a pound of bacon.  My grandson spent the night and he loves it in the morning, with crepes.  The reason why he is as slim as slim can be is that he doesn't eat a whole pound, runs around all day and is almost 4 years old.

Now what am I planning on doing with the bacon?  I'm going to have two slices with a two-egg omelet made with feta cheese and fresh chives.  I'm also going to eat a slice of toast and have a glass of juice. 

My experiment is to eat normal food...not diet food, for the next month and see what the scale says.  I'm going to watch my portions, only snack with fruit or veggies and try VERY hard to not do my usual night binging.

What do you think?
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Tuesday, July 5th 2011

6:15 PM

July delights

Just curious...who is doing WHAT this July?  I'm going to be spending two wonderful weeks with family that are coming over from Scotland. 

I'm gardening, sweating, eating mostly healthy and LOVING my life!  It feels brilliant to not wake up each morning hating myself for how I look.  My self esteem and self worth have really increased in the last six months and my weight is coming off.  YAY!

If I visited you or met with you or connected with you while I was on my great adventure, I would LOVE to again.  Please message me, email me to get in touch!  I'm going to be taking a road trip to Florida in August and would love to pop in to say HELLO to some of you out there.

So where are you going, what are you doing and how are your own LITTLE CHANGES going?

Come on, don't be shy...let's connect again!
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Thursday, June 30th 2011

7:31 AM

A whole new look!

Good morning world!

Logged in this morning and didn't recognize ANYTHING on my server!  Wow, they changed how all of the back office looks to my website and it might take me a moment to get my head around it all.

It was time to renew my yearly hosting and I'm sitting here with my mouth open (and NOT shoving food in it!) wondering just WHERE the time has gone!  Has it really been six years since I started this website?!  YIKES!

So the hosting is paid for, the site will stay up and I have to REALLY get my backside in gear and get on with my health quest...I'm not getting any younger, but I can be getting FITTER!

Have an awesome day!
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Thursday, June 9th 2011

9:29 AM


I can never believe it when I get the emails that remind me my domain name,, is about to expire.  It happens once a year at this time and I pay the $8.95, renew it and reflect on what has all happened since I registered that domain back in 2006.

My accomplishments, my defeats, my heartbreaks, my triumphs, are not just mine.  They are OURS.  Every person who takes the time to read this blog, email me, say hello when they see me out and about or just quietly read the words, are sharing this experience with me.  I could not keep choosing to RENEW without you, please know that.

THANK YOU to everyone who has ever felt any bit of motivation from this blog.  It means so much to me.  YOU, yes YOU, are amazing! 

There are so many reasons that we all have to live healthier and it is so much easier when we are doing it together.

Today I've gotten up early (late night EMERGENCY bachelorette party last night!) and was just taking care of everything else besides me.  I was going to just grab a cereal bar for breakfast as I ran out the door to my errands I want to do before the thermometer gets too high.

Instead, I'm going to take 10 minutes for me, make an incredible fresh chive & feta cheese omelet and have a glass of orange juice.  It will help me not want to stop for fast food (which I'm swearing off...forever) when I'm out.

Take time to RENEW your relationship with yourself today.  Do something amazing for yourself.  Treat yourself as good as you treat others.

Thank you for being there and thanks so much for following!
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Thursday, June 2nd 2011

9:15 AM

Weigh in

Last week I did it.  Went back to Weight Watchers after what I thought was just six months not going in.  It turns out it was a YEAR and six months.  Where did the time go?

So the lovely lady at the meeting remembered me.  I stepped on the scale with more curiosity than fear and was delighted to know I was just 12 pounds heavier.  I imagined far worse.  It said 330 and the last record they had was 318.

My goal is to be one pound lighter the next time I step on that scale.  I know a pound isn't a lot, but if I step on that scale 52 weeks in a year, it adds up!  This is a BRILLIANT idea that a friend gave me and I love it.  After all, who can't lose one pound!?

This Tuesday I didn't get to weigh in.  I was spending the day and evening in NYC with four incredible women on my Passion Parties team.  Our corporate office was having a product launch and it was just the best day ever. 

They shopped in Times Square while I ran my sister, who just happened to be in the city, to the airport!  It was one of those "great fate" moments and seeing her for just 30 minutes was great for both of us.  Bliss!

Today the weather is cooler, the 70's rather than the 90's and I'm taking my in laws from Scotland to meet my family from the Altoona area.  It should be a really fun day.

Like any gathering, there is going to be FOOD involved!  I'm going to enjoy the day, think about that one pound and know without one doubt that come next Tuesday, 329 is mine!

Have a brilliant day, do something amazing for yourself and smile!
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Tuesday, May 24th 2011

9:38 AM

Fantastic Tuesday!

Good morning world!

Tonight I'm going to Weight Watchers...period!  I don't care what enchanting offer comes up during the day, come 5:30 pm I'm going to step on the scale (with my shoes on) and start being accountable for my weight and health.

My motivation is coming from various sources, but especially a lovely lady I met on Sunday night at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theater in Lancaster.  I was there with my mother-in-law, Morag, who is over from Scotland visiting Morton and I for a month.

As we pulled into the theater I looked at the lovely gazebo where Morton and I had our pictures taken back in 2007 when I weighed 250 pounds after bicycling up the coast of America.  It felt like it was a million miles ago and I'm felt that familiar feeling that someone who struggles with their weight always does, "Why can't I lose weight?" 

Thankfully a whole group of fuzzy bunnies jumping around the place caught our attention and I set off to enjoy the evening of watching "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" - which is a play or movie I have never seen before. 

It has become a tradition since 2008 when my in-laws have first started coming over to visit us each year, that Morag and I go to a dinner theater while she is here.  We leave the guys at home and have some fantastic "girl time" that is really special to both of us.

So there we are, in the theater, enjoying the buffet, I am not going to lie and say I just had one plate, thought that WOULD be plate of salad, one plate of something hot, one plate of dessert and the finally, as my stomach was near bursting, one bowl of ice cream.  As I said, the bicycle trip felt a million miles ago.

The show began and we were both delighted with our table for two right at the front of the stage.  It was fantastic seating especially since I had just booked the tickets that afternoon!

As the show opens (which I highly recommend seeing by the way!) the actors, costumes and sets transported us all to another place and time.  We were in the Rockies, then on to Paris, Monte Carlo and back again to the Rockies. 

There is an intermission about halfway through this two hour spectacular.  That is when my magic moment happened.

A lady came up to our table and asked if I was Priscilla.  My heart skipped for just a second that something was wrong at home, but her face was so kind and smiling I knew there was nothing wrong.  Just the opposite actually. 

This lovely lady had followed our incredible journey and in less than a minute I felt all this incredible motivation, determination and discovered once again the true reason of what I had been doing living on a bicycle for over six months.  I had never met her before, but she really did change my life without even knowing it!

As we chatted I made the excuses, told her how busy I was looking after my grandchildren five days a week, had gone from 250 to 360 to about 320-ish at the present.  Yo-yo should be my middle name. 

While we were talking in my mind I was thinking how fantastic it would be to have another adventure.  The bicycle was still willing and I know that if I had been able to peddle it 50 miles a day before, surely I could do it again.  But alas, reality sets in.

The show is about to start, we hug, the lovely lady returns to her seat.  I sit in the dark as the lady who is playing Molly Brown springs, sings and never stays down for the rest of the show.  She was after all, UNSINKABLE!

As we are leaving I'm scanning the crowd looking for the lady who had just pushed me in the right direction again without even realizing it.  She was lost.

The next morning, Monday, I went to my daughter's house to be with my grandchildren.  I kept my dreams about going on another great adventure quiet, still my family doesn't know them...YOU dear blog readers are the only one I'm sharing this with, but inside I was yearning for the time that I'll be able to get on the bicycle again, or walk or do something to have a BIG adventure.

This thought melted away with kisses, hugs, arts, crafts, playing dragons & dinosaurs, playing doll babies and come lunchtime, there was no adventure BIG enough that would ever have me spend one second less with my enchanting grandchildren.

But then it happened.  My daughter sent me a text they were both coming home for lunch and they had something to tell me.  Again, my heart jumps and I ask if it is "Good, bad or ugly?"  she texts back that it is all three.

Thankfully I didn't have to wait long to learn that for the next three months, my son-in-law is going to be at home with the children for MOST of the week.  Now as they were saying this, my head was flooded with doing the math on how many miles I could cover in three months.  I saw myself walking the hills of Italy, riding down the west coast of America and so many other adventures.  But it isn't a solid three months, I'll still be needed one or two days a week.

There are going to be adventures to come.  I'm going to spend today mapping and planning out my first in my head while I walk around Lancaster county with the in-laws, don't over eat and step on the scale tonight at Weight Watchers!

Pictures, reports and ADVENTURES to follow...come along and lets bring the whole world with us!
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Monday, May 16th 2011

4:11 PM

Forty-eight and doing GREAT!

Hello world,

Last week I turned 48.  I had to do the math to figure out just how old my birthday made me.  Never being a stickler for age, it really doesn't seem to matter to me how old I am, just so I keep getting older!

The day was wonderful, shared with my in laws from Scotland who are over for a month visiting us.  We had some shopping, a lovely dinner and not once did I hate myself for being fat.  It was a really good birthday.

Since I haven't stepped on our scale for a while, I can't report my weight.  The battery has died and I can't be bothered to change it.

Tomorrow night I'm heading back to Weight Watchers to start with the weekly weigh ins and meetings again.  I did it last year for four months of steady losing, then stopped.  When we aren't accountable, bad things can happen.

My yo-yo kept doing what yo-yo's do.  I put weight back on.  Then I started with Passion Parties at the end of last year and took weight off.  Now I'm nudging into bad behavior at night, eating things I don't really want to eat and I think the reason is I know I'm not going to be stepping on a scale.

At this point I start to think, "Do I really need to lose weight?"  After all, I'm liking myself for the first time in a long time.  I'm comfortable in my skin.  I'm putting on a bit of makeup now and then.  I have highlights in my hair.  "Does my weight really matter?"

How I look and feel about myself has nothing to do with my weight.  Where my weight becomes an issue is when I know that it is so unhealthy for me to be this way.  It goes way beyond being happy with the mirror.  Being comfortable in my own body.  Not hating myself like I use to do.

Health issue.  Yes, I have high blood pressure.  Yes, my grandmother and mother both had/have diabetes, yes, my father died of a heart attack.  Are these ALL things that being overweight contribute to?  YES!

There is nothing I can do except keep trying.  On my own isn't so great.  I neglect the blog.  I neglect my emails.  I almost forget just what Little Changes means to me. 

Then somewhere from far away, say, Cape Cod, I get an email from a friend who with her words takes me right back to the bicycle days that are now a distant dream or a fuzzy movie I saw on an old drive-in screen. 

My journey with weight loss has to continue.  I want to keep having birthdays.

Stay tuned, stay safe and never quit trying,

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